Monday, April 30, 2012

Anime Central (ACen) Chicago 2012

 Last weekend was my 6th time attending ACen. I look forward to this ever year. A good time with old friends from school, good partying, and a chance to view some anime/video characters in real life. Its a very interesting event. Every year I go as a pussy in a tutu. This year a fire alarm was pulled and the entire hotel was ordered to evacuate, it was insane. My friends and i got free drink at a hotel across the street and were interviewed buy someone in the newspaper. I hope you enjoy the pictures. =)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Whats going on?

YEY, internet is back and ready to go. There has been so much that has happened lately, from my Birthday back in March... to my new hair getting a new Car.. to going to New York to visit with Chris' dad and step mom. ..

I know it has been forever since I made a post, but truthfully I don't really know what to write and would rather just show some pictures of somethings I've been wanting to share with everyone. =)

Hope you enjoy!
Got My Hair Colored a week before my birthday. Its a bit lighter. =)

Lighter hair ,sorry I had just woken up.

Chris and I found out that we live very close to a HUGE Asian Market, so we ran on over there and grabbed a few goodies and checked it all out. It's amazing.

Tried this for the first time, ITS AMAZING!

My best friend came over and we made some delicious vodka Lemonades, and drank outside in the middle of March...80 degree weather!

Of course prezels and mustard were a given, we love mustard. =)
My mom accendently bought me trick candles and we almost set the apartment on fire. haha  
Our NEW car!!

It was very much needed, considering our old car had about an hour left on it...if that.

And that is that, ill make a newer post to show my pictures from my trip soon. I hope you're all doing well. !