Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 Strand On My VERY Layered Hair/ New Makeup

This post mainly consists of two topics only because I did this all in the same day and because I really didn't want to have to make two blogs in the same day.


I've been braiding lately, mainly due to the fact that while I was in Cosmetology school I didn't have much luck on working with them and now I've taken some time out of my life to work on them. I had some difficulties in doing this 5 strand braid, not because it was too much to understand, but because once you get the hang of it and practice, its pretty easy. It was very difficult because my hair is very layered and choppy, because of this my hair was falling out everywhere making it a mess. I know I should have used some sort of smoothing oil or lotion for my hair to control the frizzy-ness and wild layers, but frankly this was just for practice and I didn't feel the need to put more product in my hair right before bed when I was planning on taking the braid out in the first place. I didn't want any kinks. As I went on without using product my finished result ended as a cute messy 5 strand braid, and I was satisfied. This is a cute look for morning and night, you could dress up with it or go around casually. 5 stranding takes patience and practice to perfect, so don't get upset if you have to try it about 10 times to get the best result. I hope you enjoy!


I recently went out with my boyfriend to go spend our Christmas Gift card money. I had $15 for Sephora and $25 in American Express. I figured before I went that I would be spending a bit more trying to keep it around $20. And I succeeded in keeping to my budget.

First I went to MAC looking to buy some more eye primer considering It was an emergency and I was all out. I was used to using the Paint Pot Barestudy which is a soft beige with a gold pearl and the Paint Painterly. Considering I was almost out of them both and I use more a matte look often, I decided to get a Painterly paint pot.

I then decided to go for a new Lipstick, and having tried on about 10 I finally found the perfect pink for myself. I went for a Matte Pink Plaid and I absolutely love it. Im pretty sure Ive tried it on before from a friend, probably in cosmetology school, I suppose this shade and myself were just ment to be.

The last two products from MAC were not necessarily bought recently but were given as a gift from my boyfriend for Christmas. Yes, I've put them in a previous post but considering the fact that these two products have been two of my favorite products for a very long time I decided to include them in this post in a more in depth manor. First is MAC Studio Tech NW20, It's a soft and creamy foundation that I dont use all over but in areas that need it most (I pretty much use it kind of like a concealer), and mostly under eye where I have dark circles. It has a blend of water, emollients and powder making it easily to be applied. On top of that as well as all over I use MAC Medium Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to set all of my foundation with a Matte look. These two products together work wonders and I doubt I will ever stop using them. 

Then Finally I went over to Sephora to get something new. I wanted to find either another concealer or eye primer becuase its good to try something new and to have some variates.So I walked over to the NARS section and I decided to go for the concealer Light2 Vanilla, which works marvelously.
Overall I am a very happy shopper and I'm VERY satisfied with the products I now own.

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