Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Break

Its been an enjoyable month off from school, and very much a relaxing one as well.
Its been strange weather for Chicago, there has been hardly any snow when we are usually use to about 2-3 feet if not more. Finally about 5 days before I go back to school, today, we're in for a nice snow storm and luckily for me, i have absolutely no where to go but my bed to cuddle with my boyfriend, play video games, and watch a couple of movies.

This break has been quite relaxing, I had planned on doing some reading this winter break considering i had a month off and could possibly get in about 3-4 books if i wanted to. But it just so happened, my boyfriend hacked my PSP and was able to put a ton of old PlayStation games onto it. Knowing that he is a complete Nerd and knows a ton of video games, He also started blogging about...hmmm i wonder ...perhaps video games? of course, so If any of you are interested click HERE. Its actually a really interesting blog he talks about old and new video games and overall its pretty interesting. 

So we got into a couple conversations on what games I'd like to play because I didn't have a big enough memory stick to fit more than 2-3. He ended up putting Crash Bandicoot  which is one of my all time favorite video games that I played as a youngster and another game called Suikoden which little did it know was going to take over my entire winter break. I absolutely fell in love with this game and it completely drew me in from the beginning.