Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Of The Year

Tonight is the last of the year and I'm staying at home with my boyfriend because we don't drink and wanted to enjoy the company of ourselves other than crazy drunks. I wanted to get in a post before the year ends and share with you some super cool gifts my family gave me for Christmas. Before I go on and do so, I wanted to make a list of some awesome and positive things that happened to me this year...

1. I turned 21, had a huge party in Chicago at the Hard Rock Hotel in a huge suite where i celebrated with my boyfriend, sister, and a lot of my friends.
2. I started college
3. celebrated an amazing Valentines Day with my boyfriend, where we stayed in pj's all day, watched cheesy love movies, cuddled, made some stir fry, and made a heart shaped cheese cake with strawberries on it.
4. celebrated my god daughters 3rd birthday, which was really special to me because I had lived in Colorado the previous year and I had felt awful to had not have been there. I helped her mom with gift bags, cupcakes, creating crowns and wands, and decorating.
5. In September we celebrated my boyfriends birthday and went out to eat at a delicious Irish restaurant and then came home to a small celebration with my cousin and boyfriend picked out a snickers blizzard cake from dairy queen and it was delicious. It was his first birthday with me with him not living with any of his family, so it was new to the both of us. He had a wonderful time and was very very happy with how the day went.
6.had a nice 4th of July playing bubbles with my nephew and grilling on a mini grill we picked up from Walmart for about $40, we didn't go out to fireworks, but we did go outside, sat on a hill and watched them from a far. 
7. For Christmas, it was special to have my nephew and my cousins son meet for the first time, it was a blast...two crazy boys but they know how to entertain for hours.
8. Celebrated my nephews 2nd birthday, which was important because there wasn't a 1st year celebration, I made him Thomas the train cupcakes, and lasagna.
9. My aunt barb came to visit from Texas, when she visits its as if she had never moved away, I love her around, she is an amazing person and gives such a positive energy when she is over because she is so caring and kind. We got to celebrate Halloween while she was here and i made some really fun recipes for my Nephew and everyone else. they turned out really cute
10. for thanksgiving we got my boyfriends grandmothers apple pie recipe, so i made pie for the first time and it was delicious. i was really proud of myself and everyone loved it. 

Most of my gifts...

 My presents from my wonderful boyfriend...

Rayman origins is an amazing game, the original was my first PlayStation game and the newer one is just as good if not better. Playing it brings back memories, its just so much fun. If you've never played it i suggest you do, it is a very beautiful and adorable game....

 He knew I needed new powder and studio tech foundation from MAC...

I had to show my awesome new boots again that my boyfriend go me, I love them. underneath those some glittens my dad bought for me which goes really well with the blue scarf on the bottom left that my step mom knitted for me...I thought they were both really thoughtful amazing gifts. the lilac and white scarf on the bottom is a gift given from my boyfriends dad and step mom..its very soft, lovely, and looks really cute with my winter jacket.

My cousin got me This Is It because I love Micheal Jackson and have been dying to see it, my mom got me a bunch of makeup, my dad got me some guitar picks as a hint to start playing again, my boyfriends mom got me some really nice flower clips for my hair which change color when in the sun and are adorable, and i had to put my MAC in this picture too because its a bunch of makeup.

 These are a bunch of certificates my boyfriend and I received though the holiday. I'm very excited to go shopping.

These are the presents from my sister to me...she gave me a beautiful zebra lamp which melts scented wax, which i thought was a lovely thought, and then my boyfriend and I received some wallet sized pictures of the most handsome 2 year old in the world(my nephew)

 My beautiful, intelligent, and most loved nephew...

My step mom also gave me some German Nutella, which is half way gone already.
I was so grateful for my presents this year and did not expect any of it. I didn't post these pics to brag but to simply share some of the joy and happiness I received this holiday because I wanted to end the year on a happy good note and start it joyous as well. I hope you enjoy, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

As you could tell, I am very new to blogging and still have tons to figure out. I've been having fun this morning eating some cheerios and viewing other peoples blogs. I came along a certain blog called The Little Things We Do and I found it interesting that every Friday she posts a "fill in the blank Friday". They're fun and I decided that I wanted to start filling some out as often as I can just so I could look back at my posts later in life. Its my first post participating that I've done and I'm looking forward to doing more. It's also a nice way for everyone to get to know a little bit more about myself.

1.   New Years is     a Holiday which in a way allows you to start over your life if you would like to. It is also a celebration of your accomplishments that you have succeeded in, in the previous year span.    .

2.   One of my New Year's resolutions will be   to lose weight with my boyfriend, not that he needs to. I also would like to think more positively this year and try not to get too stressed from little things, which happens often in my life      .

3.  A New Year's resolution I've made in the past was to   do better in school, which i wasn't so successful in doing so. Luckily i have a wonderful boyfriend in which I've had for almost 6 years and he as well as his family motivates me to be successful in life     .

4. The most time consuming resolution I ever made was    Trying to eat meat. I've been a vegetarian for about 8-9 years. Last year i decided that I wanted to start eating meat again and it was very hard for me to do because it is more of a psychological problem more than a choice. I was able to finally down half of a salami sandwich from jimmy johns halfway towards the end of the year. I'm still not completely there but have been making efforts to doing so    .

5.  This year I will be spending New Year's Eve    probably doing nothing with my boyfriend, maybe playing some video games and drinking sparkling welches grape juice (considering it tastes better than alcohol and I hardly drink in the first place because it's sloppy), we will probably also watch the ball drop on TV and get a bunch of drunk calls from our friends  .

6.  If I could wish one thing for my new year it would be    to be kinder and to have more positive things happen than negative  .

7.  2012 is going to be    a big change, due to the fact that my mom, boyfriend, and I are moving and are starting a lot of things over. I am excited for the new year and looking forward to start the 7th year with my boyfriend and make positive changes so that at the end of the year I can look back at good things and not so much negative times   .

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Power To The Blue

A while back while i was on Facebook I got into a conversations with a few friends discussing how it should be a sin to wear blue eyeshadow. They claimed that when people wear blue they tend to resemble the female character Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. I had the nerve to jump in and stick up for blue because its been one of my favorite looks for a while, it all depends on how you apply it. I've done a lot of looks with blue but this particular look was inspired by that conversation. I went for an all over blue and ended up in love, the boldness is adorable, i fell in love.


I love using this moisturizer when my face gets dry, You don't need a lot and it works wonderfully
I also use this fast response eye cream which de-puffs, erases the look of dark circles, firms, soothes and softens skin around the eye. this also works wonderfully due to the fact that I genetically got the black circles from my father, lucky for me I am a woman and I wear make up.

 This primer is pretty fantastic, was given as a gift from my best friend and I love it. It truly creates the perfect canvas for my foundation.

These are my foundations and they work pretty good not the best but they cover pretty well if you use them lightly. (very good cheap products and also a nice natural look)

Used MAC's Electric Eel and Vanilla

I know you can hardly read this but this is Studio Tech by MAC and I use this mostly under my eye after eyeshadow and also all over my face wherever needed, it is my all time favorite product by MAC and usually follow it with Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder on top of it.
 I then finish the look with eyeliner, mascara, and top it with a Mineralize blush from MAC.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Moms Holiday Cinnamon Cake

For the past 10 years my Christmas' have been very busy. Since my parents divorced 10 years ago I've spent my Christmas'  waking up at home with my mom and getting ready to go to my aunts house (my dads sister) after that we go over to my dads house to spend the night and wake up there opening presents. After that we head home and open presents at my moms house and eat breakfast. After relaxing soon after my mom and I slave in the kitchen to prepare dinner. Anyway, the reason of explaining my traditional Christmas plans is that always at the end of Christmas my family sits down and enjoys my moms holiday cinnamon cake. I wanted to share this because it brings me such joy and after every Christmas I like to sit back and finally appreciate everything that has to do with the celebration of Christmas. In a way its a finalization of Christmas or the "Cherry on Top". I just love the way she decorates it.

Floral Nail Design

This holiday I decided that I should do something a little bit more busy than usual to my nails. 
I didn't have money to go get them done professionally so i just made up a design. You may say that they're a little tacky but i did this for fun and because I was bored. 

tell me what you think, are they really tacky or an actual good attempt. =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cute Chistmas Frames

Last year around the holidays I was living in Pueblo Colorado with my boyfriend. His mother and I had gone to a Kohls for Christmas shopping and ran into a really cute Christmas frame, cluttered with buttons, sort of like this picture that i found on google...

Thinking to ourselves that there is NO reason why we should buy a $10 frame when we could totally make some frames ourselves for a cheaper price.
We went to a local Craft store and Dollar Store and bought: Some red and Green felt, Some Faux berries, some cute holiday buttons, a cheap hot glue gun, some cheap photo frames, some ribbon rope, and we found some ply wood decorated with paint glitter and jewels with some nice holiday words on them.
all costing under $30 we were able to make about 12 frames so each frame was about $2.50 
making 12 gifts ready to go. =]
 I liked them so much I decided to keep 2 of them. 
The first look is a Cluster look, which i had fun making...
You can find faux berries at craft stores and what we did was cut them off the sticks and glued them onto the frames in no particular order.

 And this is the second look of the other frame...

We got really creative on all of these frames and they were a lot of fun. Its a great holiday project.
Hope you enjoy and good luck if you try it out!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunset/Tropical Makeup Look.

So these are some make-up looks that I created. They're really fun and colorful.
I enjoy them a lot and hope you do too. 
The First look is what i call the Sunset look...

  The second look is what I call the tropical look because it reminds me of a Tucan....

I hope you enjoy! p.s. please don't judge on the brows I lost my tweezers at the time. =]

Makeup Brush Case

I tried to think of something cleaver to give my mom this Christmas and didn't have much money, so I figured she loves makeup and  needs a brush case to go with the new brushes I got for her. Looking though the cases at a local Walmart made me think that I shouldn't be paying $12 for a brush case when I could make one using less.
 I went to a goodwill and found two (XL for extra fabric) shirts with cute patterns on them.
The supplies I used were: a pretty colored thread, a rectangle piece of cloth about a foot and a half by a foot, another piece of cloth probably 4-5 inches by a foot and a half, two really pretty looking cut ribbons about a foot each, and some scissors.
I went an inch in from the fabric in the middle and sewed one of my cut ribbons on, and then about an inch across from that with the ribbon facing the opposite way I sewed the other cut ribbon onto the fabric.
 Next step is the hardest step, I'm not a very good sewer and I don't have a machine so the only way to get good at this is practice. What I did to make the pouches is take the smaller fabric and place it at the bottom and then I also took one of my own makeup brushes and laid it down vertically sewing a line upward forming a pouch to fit the brush (try and make it a little loose). I then went on from there using other sized brushes for variety. At the end once it is as long as desired you can cut off the access fabric and sew up the end.
 When I was done I sewed the bottom of the pouch well as the sides(optional)
 This is the finished look, I made two and could possible make 6 more with the extra fabric.
 Cute finished result, besides the thread I forgot to cut off... I folded the top but did not sew it, just so they were secure and can't fall out once wrapped up.
Closed finished results. =] Hope you enjoy!