Thursday, March 15, 2012

Muh Birthdayyee

So, yesterday was my birthday. Though I have no pictures of the day, and haven't recently uploaded any considering I still have no internet. I can say that this Birthday has been one of my favorites, I woke up to a beautiful strawberry shortcake sitting on the table with a bouquet of flowers, of course some Lily's in the set because they are my favorite flowers. Everyone had work besides me, which was nice becuase i definitely needed to relax. Then my dad stopped by and gave me a card with a generous amount of money, which I highly appreciated. I decided that i would rather have a yummy meal cooked my by mother rather than going out and paying for a meal made with hardly any love in it. So I decided I wanted her to make some yummy tostadas, considering I've been working out and have been craving them. After dinner i opened up my presents, i got a lovely card from my aunt who lives in texas and a new digital camera from my boyfriend and mom. They then lit the cake and didnt realize that they had bought me trick candles, so we almost set the apartment on fire. HAHA. We didnt though. It ended up being the amazing relaxing birthday that I had expected.

So, im sitting at school waiting for my boyfriend to get out of class, I feel like ive really been missing out on blogging lately, i do have some ideas on future posts that I plan on making either this week or next when we go visit Panera. There has been alot going on lately, and I also am happy to announce that we got a new car! So, hopefuly, no more worries on future car troubles. I hope every one has been doing well, sorry this isnt a very exciting post and i have no recent visuals. My internet should be back and running soon, though. Hope you enjoyed my post! =)

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Nubby Tongue said...

Happy Pi Day slash Birthday! Sounds like it was a very lovely. (Congrats on the new car, too!)