Friday, January 20, 2012

A Snowy day in Chicago.

Today, is a Very beautiful Day in Chicago. The weather has finally decided to change to WINTER. Christmas was a very difficult time without Snow. But we should be expecting about 8-9 inches today. I woke up this morning knowing that my boyfriend had class early, so I decided to make him some ham cheese and egg english muffin sandwiches, he can easily down 2. He loved it, I love to cook for him. So since it started snowing before he cam home and it was a cold day, I decided to make an even more yummy meal for him for lunch. As noon arrived I decided that since we were both trying to eat really healthy I was going to make some toasted grilled Cheese with a twist. 

For his sandwich made two sandwiches containing two peices of oat wheat bread, spread a little pit of Marcile whip and sprinkled a tad season salt, some smoked turkey slices, and cheddar cheese slices on top.

For mine I took two peices of oat wheat bread, put some guacamole on one side and on the other I put two peices of mozzerella. 

I toasted both together at 400 degrees in the oven, and cooked them for about 25 minutes till toasted flipping at half way. 

I served the sandwiches with some V8 Campbells tomato and herb soup

 I have to admit They were both very delicious, though I could not eat my second sandwich, at least I have leftovers that I can just pop back into the oven and re-toast.I also have to admit that i will definitely never have a regular can of Campbells soup after trying this delicious tasting this box of V8 Campbells tomato and herb soup, it is definitely THE BEST tomato soup I have ever had from a store. So so so Yummy!

It just started snowing when I took the first set of pictures. As I took out my camera I noticed two squirrels coming up to my sliding doors, at first i thought they were really beautiful in the snow, until I witnessed one jump on top of the other and start mating.. I really didn't want to have to take some Squirrel porn pictures because that's pretty creepy. so I let them be.



And to think this is just 2 hours later, its supposed to keep going all night. Im quite excited. 
It isn't a normal snow fall it is more of a graceful mist.
We love close to a main high way in Chicago and it is usually very noisy. I love how quiet and peaceful it is when it snows, we opened the screen door and there was absolutely no noise. Now that my boyfriend is home we are just going to cuddle, stay warm, and enjoy the rest of this beautiful snowy winter day before the spring comes. hmm.. maybe once it stops we can go play in it for the first time this year!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you have a delightful weekend. =]



Chris Sweet said...

This is perhaps one of my most favorite snow days. I like how quiet it is when it snows a lot. The food you made is sooooo good better then any breakfast sandwiches I've ever had. I love the grilled cheese it's amazing! It tastes better then Panera bread.

Dani said...

You're so lucky to have snow & that much, we don't get much over here :((( beautiful pictures :)

Courtney said...

wow- the snow looks really pretty. i sort of wish it would snow in denver again soon.

.sabo skirt. said...

Wow! We're craving on this!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Baur said...

Love your blog!!! That sandwich looks nice lol and your profile pic... Wow you are beautiful!