Sunday, February 12, 2012

Black Glitter Shadow/ Weekend fun

I've realized that I havnt been on blogger in about 2 weeks, which isnt so ME!
But I decided to make yet another post.
Once again My boyfriend and I had an indoor fun day due to snow.
We started off in the morning heading over to my Dr because I had messed up my knee a while back working out, luckily it really wasn't too severe of an injury.
When we got closer to home, the snow storm was pretty intense so we decided to stop at a gas station and pick up some goodies, take them home, throw in a cheese pizza, and watch some Heroes! 
These are a few of MY favorite things
These are a few of  HIS favorite things

Later that day I decided to do my makeup.
I went with a dark Smokey Glittar Eye shadow that I fell in love with.
I used :
MAC's Black Ore Solar Bits  to create this look
 which is a limited edition pigment I bought about 2 years ago.

  The next day, I had to go to class.
We were planning on going to my friends party downtown in Chicago, but while I was in class my boyfriend lost his ID. When I got home I walked in and saw our bed made and set into the living room. =) It was a fun surprise, my boyfriend set it up and put two TV's next to each other so we could watch TV and play video games all night, because he felt bad that we couldn't go out. It was so cute, and we had a fun night. He also took me out to dinner. I  must say i am a very lucky girl. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

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