Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Eye's Nails and Otha Stuff.

Valentines day is tomorrow and I was inspired by the holiday to make a nice soft eye look with a bit of fun.
At first I was going to say go for a nice pink or red, but I thought that would be too typical and expected.
So I went fora soft purple and to make it extra special I added some sparkles.

I also tried doing something cute for my nails. kinda did a less effort-ed elementary school art on them.
I hope you enjoy!

I also have been doing something really sweet for my boyfriends gift for valentines day, which a cant yet show because he checks my blog. =) ill share with you his gift as soon as I find time. I hope you all have an enjoyable valentines day whether you spend it alone with some booze, a cozy blanket, pet, funny movies and a nice book, or with your significant other. XOXO!


Alyssa Santarosa said...

Awh, I adore your blog :) Following, found on beautylish., here is my link <3

Courtney said...

The nails are adorable. Also- you have really pretty eyes. Still jealous of your make-up application abilities.