Sunday, January 1, 2012

All New Year

Its a new year, and a new start. I never usually take resolutions as seriously as I am this year, maybe its just that I'm trying to manage my life a bit more responsible than I have previously. This year my resolutions were to lose weight with my boyfriend, and to also try to live life in a more positive manner. I figured that since I am trying to take an interest in resolutions that maybe I could make a list for myself on ways that I could help plan my way to accomplish my goals. Yes, I could do this on my own and in private, but I figured that since these resolutions are common goals that maybe I could share my guide with anyone who would be interested...
1.)  Do things for yourself and don't rely on others.This could go for both resolutions (loosing weight and becoming more positive)..for losing weight it can help to get off your butt more often and doing it yourself because its exercise and by asking things from others so often is really making yourself look lazy...It also makes yourself more positive because doing more for and by yourself makes you more independent and it truly makes you appreciate yourself more.

2.) Set up a work out plan either find a plan online or make one up. you don't necessarily have to buy a gym membership. A good 30 minute work out is good enough. You can run to the store and pick up a $10 cardio workout movie and find time in your day to do it. If you have no interest in movies, find a dance game for your ps3, xbox, or wii, thinking about working out doesn't always excite me but maybe if there is a fun way to do it I could become more motivated and enjoy it. This is my workout plan that I will repeat all year, except on my rest days I'm going to do some arm work outs. Its not much..but its more than I did before..which is something. I found these on

 3.) Dont think of the bad things that could happen, think of the good things that could happen. I have come to realization that I am an extreme worry wart. Its not fun, its uncomfortable, and if you could just change the way you think and focus on the good things that can happen in your life then everything will be alright. A happy positive mind = a happy positive person. for every negative thing in life.. there is always a positive. I found these
4.) Look on the bright side. Eventually things will get better its only a matter of time.I found this at
 5.) smile as often as you can its more attractive and its known to put you in a better mood. If you're crying in the first place over something that hurt you, the person or even isn't even worth your tears to begin with. I found this at
6.) Stop being so insecure. You are beautiful, if other people say something negative about you, its only because they have insecurities about themselves. And if you ask to be criticized then learn to take it and make positive changes. If you can't take it then don't ask, its only hurting yourself, besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you believe you are beautiful than don't let anyone tell you different.I found these at

7.) Get out and LIVE! Getting out of the house is exercise and it puts you in a good mood. you don't need to spend money, go to a local park and just enjoy the beauty of things. Try and do exiting and view the world. Sometimes you can witness the craziest things just by walking down the street to a convenience store. The most amazing things that can happen in your life can inspire you and make you positive. I found these at

8.) Realize and appreciate things you have other than things you don't have. Its hard to look online and dream about getting those $200 shoes and all that makeup. but do you really NEED all of that? No. In the end, you're only dying with your soul and memories, not valuables and money. Think of what you have and truly appreciate it all. Some people don't have everything you have so stop being a brat, you're just annoying the people around you. If you need it that bad, then stop whining about it and go out and get for it. Meanwhile, come to realization that you cant walk down the street and look for love,true love comes unexpectedly. Go out and do the things that you love to do and if someone comes along its fate, if not...everything happens for a reason. Maybe make a list of the positive things in life instead of counting the negative. My list consists my boyfriend, my family, things I've seen in life, knowledge, I'm grateful for myself...(my arms..legs. eyes etc.) and everything I'm worth for, Nature, I'm grateful for experiences that make me who I am today and much much more.
I found these at 
 9.) Breathe through rough and good times, always breathe and it will be okay.I found this at
10.) Laugh at the funny things in life.i might be a nerd, but i found this pretty funny while looking through some positive pictures online. i found this at
I hope you enjoy, please feel free to add if you feel you have some more inspiring things to share.


J Fizzle fashion said...

love this post girl!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG PLEASE FOLLOW ME!!!

Courtney said...

I think these are all great resolutions. I could definitely benefit from doing all of them- especially "don't think of the bad things that could happen."
Happy New Year!

Samiantha said...

Thank you both, I'm grateful for both of your reply's. I've been very happy so far today trying to remain positive, it makes days more appreciative. Happy New Year to you both!

Michelle's Style File said...

Wonderful resolutions. Happy New Year : )