Monday, December 19, 2011

Makeup Brush Case

I tried to think of something cleaver to give my mom this Christmas and didn't have much money, so I figured she loves makeup and  needs a brush case to go with the new brushes I got for her. Looking though the cases at a local Walmart made me think that I shouldn't be paying $12 for a brush case when I could make one using less.
 I went to a goodwill and found two (XL for extra fabric) shirts with cute patterns on them.
The supplies I used were: a pretty colored thread, a rectangle piece of cloth about a foot and a half by a foot, another piece of cloth probably 4-5 inches by a foot and a half, two really pretty looking cut ribbons about a foot each, and some scissors.
I went an inch in from the fabric in the middle and sewed one of my cut ribbons on, and then about an inch across from that with the ribbon facing the opposite way I sewed the other cut ribbon onto the fabric.
 Next step is the hardest step, I'm not a very good sewer and I don't have a machine so the only way to get good at this is practice. What I did to make the pouches is take the smaller fabric and place it at the bottom and then I also took one of my own makeup brushes and laid it down vertically sewing a line upward forming a pouch to fit the brush (try and make it a little loose). I then went on from there using other sized brushes for variety. At the end once it is as long as desired you can cut off the access fabric and sew up the end.
 When I was done I sewed the bottom of the pouch well as the sides(optional)
 This is the finished look, I made two and could possible make 6 more with the extra fabric.
 Cute finished result, besides the thread I forgot to cut off... I folded the top but did not sew it, just so they were secure and can't fall out once wrapped up.
Closed finished results. =] Hope you enjoy!

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