Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cute Chistmas Frames

Last year around the holidays I was living in Pueblo Colorado with my boyfriend. His mother and I had gone to a Kohls for Christmas shopping and ran into a really cute Christmas frame, cluttered with buttons, sort of like this picture that i found on google...

Thinking to ourselves that there is NO reason why we should buy a $10 frame when we could totally make some frames ourselves for a cheaper price.
We went to a local Craft store and Dollar Store and bought: Some red and Green felt, Some Faux berries, some cute holiday buttons, a cheap hot glue gun, some cheap photo frames, some ribbon rope, and we found some ply wood decorated with paint glitter and jewels with some nice holiday words on them.
all costing under $30 we were able to make about 12 frames so each frame was about $2.50 
making 12 gifts ready to go. =]
 I liked them so much I decided to keep 2 of them. 
The first look is a Cluster look, which i had fun making...
You can find faux berries at craft stores and what we did was cut them off the sticks and glued them onto the frames in no particular order.

 And this is the second look of the other frame...

We got really creative on all of these frames and they were a lot of fun. Its a great holiday project.
Hope you enjoy and good luck if you try it out!

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